Real Estate Purchases and Rentals
We work with all property and real estate companies as well as local people and private contacts to help get you the most options & information necessary.
  • want to buy a house? looking to see what's on the market?
  • Location, Location, Location... want advice?
  • Looking for a rental? for how long? how big? desire cooler or warmer?
  • Paperwork... let us advise you on reliable contacts
Ins & Out of Moving & Living here
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We have more than 5 years experience in Costa Rica opening businesses, buying real estate, buying land, building a house, having a baby, running a business and all the rules & requirements, getting a drivers license, doing border runs, shipping from another country, shipping a car, buying stuff here, making items here... WE'VE DONE IT!
  • need a CAR ? we know where you can find good options
  • thinking about SHIPPING your... we've done it and can advise you!
  • need CONTACTS to find the best car for you? Ask us!
  • DRIVERS LICENSE  How to...
  • Visa Renewals, Border runs  How to...
  • Buying items  Where and How
  • Need something MADE?  We have contacts!
Residency Questions?
WHO to ask, WHO to trust, HOW to start...
Ask us! We are happy to share our personal experience so you have have valuable information up front to start your adventure.
COMMUNITY?  How to get involved
  • play softball and meet people
  • volunteer at local refuges for turtles, dogs, cats
  • walk shelter dogs, foster and meet like minded animal lovers
  • sing Christmas carols
  • volunteer to help local Communities
  • Adopt a furry companion
  • having a baby? Need doctors, Advice, Connections to other families
  • adopt an abandoned animals & take home
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Discover Costa Rica!

The Costa Ballena area has some of the best Costa Rica beaches, diverse wildlife, adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities and beautiful hikes with amazing waterfalls of Costa Rica.

Want to learn how to use the need fruits & vegetable you see int eh markets? Sign up for a cooking class!

Ask us for ideas to discover the area and get the most out of your time with our help!

Want a personalized tour...Ask us! 

We will be happy to book your tours, classes or multiple day outing for you with the most reputable tour providers in the area.

  • Ziplines

  • Bird watching

  • Horseback riding

  • Whale watching (seasonal)

  • Dolphin watching

  • Turtle sanctuary (seasonal)

  • Surfing


  • Fishing (deep sea/freshwater)

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