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There are at least a dozen beaches along the Costa Ballena coastline; each distinct from the others and every one beautiful having its own personality and flavor.
All are for the public use and have public access and free, except for the Marina Ballena National Park which collects an entrance fee of $6. Most are maintained by the local community and have organized community days of trash pick up. Please think to pack out what you pack in!


Dominical Beach:


Where the Jungle meets the Beach!

Our Hotel is a 2 minute from this fabulous beach!


They say the most consistent waves in Costa Rica, Playa Dominical is a haven for surfers.  The 2.5 mile (4 km) strip of beach is lines with palm and almond trees, perfect for sitting under in the heat of the day. The waves are great to play in for all ages and when the tide is coming in boogie boarding is excellent! There are street vendors selling clothes, arts & crafts, fresh coconuts and snacks along the brick lined street just above the beach. 

There is the more lively beach directly in front of the town, or keep walking in either direction and you will find yourself alone in the great vastness of this beautiful beach.

Dominicalito Beach:

Playa Dominicalito is 5 km just south of Dominical and is a great spot for beginner surfers and swimmers. At Punta Dominical, on the southern end of Playa Dominicalito, you'll see the lush green land merge with the rich blue Ocean. It is a great spot to watch the ocean's waves crash onto the rocky shore below and see a near perfect sunset almost year round.

Ventanas Beach:

Playa Ventanas is a real gem!  You have to go when the tide is low to be able to appreciate this great find. Located 25km south of Dominical, this little beach has a small fee to pay when entering ($1-3).

It is a small, natural bay with a lot of palm trees for shade. This beach is named for its two caves open to the sea and accessible only at very low-tide. The beach is nestled between jungle and rocks.


Pinuella Beach

A beautiful, small cove about 20 minutes from Dominical, with moderate surf, Piñuela is great for swimming, especially at its south end. Behind the beach is a steep, mountainous slope covered with greenery. A small promontory lies north of the beach, close to which the Quebrada Piñuela empties into the sea. Isla Ballena may be viewed from here. this is a quiet beach with small boats from local fishermen. Calm sea and therefore safe for swimming.

Playa Colonia 


in Uvita, these are good family beaches for swimming, sunbathing and beachcombing. At low tide, nearby you can explore the peninsula that is shaped like a whale’s tail known as the “Cola de Ballena”(Whales Tail).

Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach)


Just north of Uvita, Playa Hermosa is over a mile long with few visitors for most of the year. This beach is a favorite of big city Costa Ricans that swarm this beach for the Christmas and Easter holiday seasons. Playa Hermosa lacks permanent services but the local residents sell drinks and food during the dry season.

Playa Ballena (Whale Beach)


This beach is part of the Marino Ballena National Park and is an ideal place to observe migrating whales from both hemispheres. If you love to snorkel and scuba-dive, this is your beach – Costa Rica’s largest Pacific Ocean coral beach is accessible from this beach, exposing a great variety of brilliantly-colored fish and marine organisms. In May through October, Ridley and Hawksbill sea turtles come ashore to nest.

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