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Restaurants & Food


The most common dish for breakfast in Costa Rica is Gallo Pinto which consists of rice mixed with black beans, served with natilla (sour cream), eggs (scrambled) and fried plantain. Costa Ricans usually drink a cup of coffee or fresh fruit juice with it.

For lunch, Casados (beans, rice) are served with some sort of meat or fish and a salad, fried plantains, white cheese and corn tortilla.

The difference between Gallo Pinto and Casado is that in Casados, rice and the bean are served side by side and not mixed.

Typical soups in Costa Rica are also very popular, such as olla de carne which is a soup with beef, potatoes, carrots, chayote, plantains and yucca, and the sopa negra, black bean soup.

There are a lot of traditional Costa Rican desserts like arroz con leche (rice with milk). The rice is cooked in milk with sugar, cinnamon and other ingredients.

One of the most common desserts is called Tres Leches, a cake bathed in evaporated, condensed and regular milk with a whipped cream top.


Dominical has many varieties of restaurant for all taste buds! We have places for traditional North American cuisine such as ribs & hamburgers, our own Sushi place, Tico food at local “Sodas” that are the local traditional restaurants, usually more affordable and casual. We have vegetarian restaurants, taco stands with ‘Taco Tuesdays’ for more bang for your buck and fruit stands where you can cool down with fresh shakes & coconut juice direct from the coconut!  We also have a coffee house offering cakes, coffee and cookies along with veggie food in a cool local environment. There is also a bakery with incredible cakes and a natural, organic soap shop next door with artistic pieces that looks like food, almost better than the real stuff!






Ceviche! Is also a wonderfully delicious fresh dish that Dominical has widely available at both restaurants and independent fish stands. This marinated raw seafood is definitely a must to try!

Feel like cooking in our communal kitchen?  Dominical has 2 fish sellers who get fresh catches everyday! Choices range from Mahi-Mahi, to Tuna, To Dorade, to Shrimp, to White fish etc.










The Village of Ojochal lies on the south central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Ojochal is approximately thirty minutes south of Dominical. It has become known among the Foodie community as the place to go!  Choices range from French or Italien choices to Indonesian dishes and International cuisine with Tico style hospitality. You can not only find authentic Tico cuisine with fabulous flavors but also innovative dishes with fresh and predominately all organic ingredients.


Along the highway down from San Jose, there are a number of stops perched up on the hills with beautiful views and yummy eats. Along the highways there are also fruit stands where you can find every fruit that falls from the trees at local prices. They have fresh cheese, plantain chips and fresh fruit juices “Batidos” available during daylight hours.

Hot sauces are of course part of many Latin dishes…here in Costa Rica you can find mild to XXX , from red to green hot sauce that will spice up any dish!

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